Peace With Cuba    
A Glendale Baptist Church Youth (Nashville, TN USA) PeaceJam Project    
We are the youth group of Glendale Baptist Church of Nashville, TN. In 2005 as a part of a mission trip we went to visit our partner church in Santa Clara, Cuba. Today the United States government forbids us to travel to see our Cuban sisters and brothers. This is due to the illogical revocation of the majority of travel licenses for educational and religious institutions in the US.

This problem is not new and does not just apply to us. For almost 50 years hostile relations between the United States’ and Cuba’s governments have denied citizens of both countries the opportunity to benefit from peaceful relations.

Because Cuba refused to comply with the U.S.’s demands that the Cuban government conduct their affairs in a certain way, our government decided to punish the Cuban people by instituting an embargo of goods and services.

The hostility between the U.S. and Cuban governments has resulted in an ongoing instability of human security of the Cuban people, economic violence against the Cubans, and the denial of human rights on both sides. This less than peaceful atmosphere has created fear on one side and hatred and distrust on the other. While our countries disagree on form of government, we feel it is wrong to punish the people of Cuba.

Our Global Call to Action Project Plan is this: We’ve made a website,, to raise awareness and change legislation. Our church, with the assistance of the Glendale youth, has applied for a travel license to visit our partner church in Cuba. We will go to Cuba, take pharmaceuticals, and share whatever we can legally. We envision a hopeful future for these two cultures to reconcile and grow, becoming peaceful partners of the global community

Please come back to our site soon to learn more about our project and to sign our petition

May PEACE prevail on earth.

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